About Dr. Krabby

My name is Kristopher Poulin-Thibault, better known online as Krabby, SexyKrabby, DrKrabby, babybros, bb, ichbinkris, nightcrawler16, thewisedragon, and many more embarrassing online aliases that I have collected over my 26 years of nerdy existence.13711679_140205699744270_1738935817_oThis blog is an eclectic collection of texts, ranging from gaming criticism and poetry, to politics and diary entries. I highly encourage comments and discussions in a respectful manner. I love hearing your thoughts on these topics as they all fascinate me, and I wish to further our reflection together. If you end up using my articles in any of your work, please cite them appropriately, using my full name as author, the hyperlink of the article you are citing, and the date you accessed it (which is very important, as all my articles are constantly subject to change or to being deleted — everything here is a work in progress). Please share, follow, like, and comment as you please! I may also, once in a blue moon, rework an entry into a more serious article and send it in to a peer-reviewed journal, in which case I will remove it entirely from this blog.

I am currently completing a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto. My thesis deals primarily with text-image relationship and the construction of identity and intimacy in autobiographical works. Tangentially, I address agency, the performance of gender, artist-viewer dialogue, and medium hybridity. Beyond my scholarly work, I dedicate my life to learning and teaching languages, caring for my handsome Cocker Spaniel, fighting against violence, prejudice, and oppression, playing games, community-building, pedagogy, and contributing to a culture of love and support. I aim to shake up preconceived ideas, destigmatize, and open up discussion on a variety of topics. I enjoy reframing, reorienting angles of approach, and questioning constantly. I often critique but I always try to do so with a productive approach — that is to say, I try not to vent only for the sake of venting, but also to discuss avenues of improvement, in a respectful, non-aggressive manner. I try to be as accessible as possible, but I apologize if occasionally some texts are too abstract or difficult to grasp. I may also write in French, German, or Italian, so feel free to comment in any of these languages to any article. Speaking of which, French is my first language, so I apologize for grammar mistakes and such.

What triggered the creation of this blog was first of all a desire to share my texts that are not very or not at all academic. I have a certain frustration with the constraints and process of academic writing, and I don’t want to neglect a more artistic and free approach that I’ve always sought in literature. Blogging is also a way to keep myself thinking about a variety of topics rather than just my own little niche, which I do for my PhD. Writing forces reflection and introspection, and blogging allows sharing. I also share a lot of private information, thoughts, and feelings, so please be mindful of this when navigating between my entries. This is basically a mosaic of pieces of my identity that I turn into texts. But, again, I always try to reach out rather than navel-gaze. I hope you can identify with some of my entries and that it helps you in one way or another, to formulate and deepen your own thoughts or to come to terms with your own feelings and experiences.

Thank you very much for taking some of your precious time to read my blog! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just to say hi.

Have a wonderful day,

Dr. Krabby


The amazing images of Krabby on the title page, this page, and the icon, were made by Katéri Mendoza, a wonderful artist and friend. You can find more of her works and her contact info on https://www.facebook.com/ProjetKiMa/.